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ProLat for .Net Coordinate Conversion Library

Professional coordinate conversion library for your new Windows apps.

  • 130 projections including UTM, State Plane, NZMG, Krovak, etc.
  • Over 300 datums and automatic datum shifting
  • Translate any coordinate system to any other coordinate system
  • MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)
  • One portable library file to easily include
  • Works with Windows 10 and earlier, Windows RT, and Windows Phone
  • Written in pure managed code
  • Professional accuracy
  • Full documentation
  • Great support


Free Download
A free download and evaluation license for a single computer is available with the following link. See the licensing description.
Download ProLat

Current version is 5.18.

ProLat for .Net builds on a great reputation for professional coordinate conversion tools by providing the easiest method to get coordinate conversion in new Windows 8 apps and in Windows Phone 7 and 8 apps. In Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 just include a reference to ProLat to instantly get professional coordinate conversion capabilities.

ProLat for .Net has a new and easy way to specify coordinate systems with four descriptive strings: Group, System, Datum, and Units. For example, to get a UTM zone 20 coordinate system, use "UTM", "UTM-20N", "WGS84", and "METERS". In addition, ProLat supports Proj.4 definition strings.

Coordinate Conversion capability between any of the following coordinate systems:
  • Latitude / longitude
  • Over 120 projections including UTM, lcc, omerc, somerc, krovak, nzmg, and lsat. See the free download for a complete list.
  • State Plane Coordinate System NAD27/NAD83
  • Geocentric/ECEF/XYZ
  • HARN/HPGN and over 300 other datums
  • Unlimited custom coordinate systems
  • Download the product above and check the pdf manual for complete details.
  • VB .NET
  • C# .NET
  • C++/CLI


  • Windows XP, 7, 8, RT
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8


  • Uses the best industry standards from USGS and NADCON.
  • One-step conversion between any of the supported coordinate systems including datum shifting.
  • Easy coordinate system definition. Select from descriptive text strings or use Proj.4 definitions.
  • Converts whole arrays with one function call.
  • Datum to datum conversions use NADCON grid methods for highest accuracy. Regions not defined by NADCON are done with 3, 7, or 10 parameter formulas.
  • A special function is included to read a text list of DMS formatted coordinates. Reads many formats such as 101d52'37.46"W and W101 52.62433 with ease. Based on parser technology, this function alone will save days or weeks of programming.
  • Scale Factor and Convergence Angle calculations.
  • Geodesic shortest distance calculations accurate to the ellipsoid. Calculates forward and back azimuth.
  • MGRS conversion with both UTM and UPS zones.

How easy is the library to use? The best way to show its ease of use is with an example. Here is a conversion from latitude/longitude to UTM:

LatLon = CoordSys.GetCS("LAT_LONG", "LAT-LONG", "WGS84", "METERS")
UTM17 = CoordSys.GetCS("UTM", "UTM-17N", "WGS84", "METERS")

CoordSys.Transform(LatLon, UTM17, lon_x, lat_y, z, 1) ' Transform values in-place

To get a reverse transformation, simply swap the LatLon and UTM17 parameters.


Effective Objects provides professional support by email and phone. See the About link for contact information.

License and Pricing

A free download and license for a single computer is available above for evaluation purposes only. See complete licensing details. Purchase standard licenses by contacting Effective Objects for pricing and ordering information.

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